over there
untitled semioticsevery object in existence,every sign that standsin placeof some meaningor other,every beloved thing,stares at me,shiningand emptyas all vocabularylaunchesinto the atmosphere ...
        thick and rich
 like liquid marble,
    then crystal thin
          ... the fading
    noises of cities
      in the evening,
       in the sunset,
        and forever ...
  As I watch      from my imaginary                 roof-top,          all the things I have                           known in my life      form an ever-widening               circleupon the horizon and bow,       formally,     before moving       ever outwards      with great ceremony,          trailing semi-invisible      waving banners               and garlands of colour                                  that shimmer                                 without end                         upon the sea.

Diane Caney, 1998
© all rights reserved

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