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  • archiving imagination, a collaboration between Diane Caney and Robin Petterd funded by the New Media Arts fund of the Australia Council.
  • untitled poem published in trAce's noon quilt project, both online and in hard-copy. In the online project my poem can be found by clicking the top LHS patch of the quilt. The book can be bought from the trAce shop. The details are: The Noon Quilt, edited by Teri Hoskin and Sue Thomas, Nottingham: trAce Online Writing Community, 2000.
  • time's daughter, riding the meridian, New York based ejournal.

travels towards is an alchemy of fragments which was assembled by Robin Petterd and Diane Caney in June and July of 1998 when Petterd was attending the Polar Circuit Workshops in Finland. It visits several of Caney's works which, in turn, circulate in and around those of other writers and artists. This work received an honourable mention in the 1998 Warsaw Autumn Festival which means that it will be included in the Festival's Hyde Park Exhibition for one year. travels towards has reached the finals of the 1998 (Australian) National Digital Art Awards which will be judged by the Institute of Modern Art. It has also been included in the VI BIENAL INTERNACIONAL DE POESIA EXPERIMENTAL in Mexico. It is to be featured in the 1999 SIGGRAPH exhibition of online works.

"Surface ", frAme e-journal, http://human.ntu.ac.uk/frame/frame.html. A collaborative work by Robin Petterd and Diane Caney.

"Imaginative Reading: a web-site in 15 paragraphs". A collaborative work by Diane Caney and Robin Petterd. http://otheredge.com.au/prj/imaginative which is featured in 1998 as part of: "Best of Two Worlds", Net Art survey, http://aleph-arts.org/m2m/index.htm. This work was included in the 1998 L.A. Freewaves Festival, as an online work, as well as being installed and exhibited on computer stations in the lobby of The Ahmanson Auditorium in The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA) from September 24-27, October 1-4, 1998, when the Festival video screenings took place in the auditorium. This work was also featured as part of SEAFair 98, Soros Centre for Contemporary Arts, Skopje, Macedonia; and it was part of the International Festival of New Film in Split, Middle Dalmatia, which took place from October 5 - 11, 1998. In Australia, Imaginative Reading V reached the semi-finalists' stage of the 1998 Australian Financial Review/Telstra Internet Awards.

"//Content//", "Oblivion" and "Postcard". Exhibition Newsletter No 29 which accompanied Jonathan Barnard's exhibition Green, Feb. 15 - March 5, 1996, at the Dick Bett Gallery, Salamanca Place, Hobart, Tasmania. 

"Janet Frame and The Tempest". Journal of New Zealand Literature, Volume 11.  (Reworked and presented on this site.)

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