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With a PhD in English which explored Patrick White's writing and Sidney Nolan's art, Diane has an in-depth understanding of the ways in which language operates across the multi-faceted collage of today's world.

Diane has worked in a variety of professional roles, with extensive experience in Information Design, Content Editing, Writing, Proofreading, and Editing in both printed and electronic media. She has also worked as a registered nurse, a union organiser, a policy writer, an academic and a manager.

Her endeavours have included:

  • content production and editing for Academic, Government, Corporate, and creative websites;
  • undertaking journalistic assignments for Scholarly, Corporate, Government, and creative projects, journals and ejournals;
  • the production of formal academic prose at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, achieving numerous awards for this writing;
  • the development, writing, and delivery of course content for Universities in both New South Wales and Tasmania, at Masters, undergraduate, and pre-tertiary levels;
  • the production of printed brochures, and other advertising material, for the University of Tasmania;
  • document production for both Commonwealth and State Government Departments;
  • the creation of client and departmental case studies for various hospitals in both Victoria and Tasmania;
  • and a wide array of creative writing, published in print, and online, by reputable journals and publishing houses. was chosen to be listed by the Pandora Archive Project at the National Library of Australia, under its Arts & Humanities category, in the Literature section:
As an Information Designer, Diane has been contracted by the University of Tasmania to undertake Information Design, Content Editing, Graphic Design, and Website Development for websites being developed for two different international clusters of academics, students, and other key researchers, with a variety of requirements. The results of Diane's work on these projects can be found at:

Diane has also undertaken Information Design for Australia's premier, scholarly, ejournal of the Humanities, Australian Humanities Review. With over 600 subscribers, both national and international, including academics, students and the general public, Australian Humanities Review is funded by the Australia Council and archived by the National Library of Australia. Whenever the journal has needed to address new issues, Diane has been contracted to assess and redesign the appearance, structure and inter-relationships of the ejournal's visual and textual formatting. She has recently been commissioned to conduct a major review of the ejournal, before redesigning Australian Humanities Review in 2002.
View Australian Humanities Review

Having successfully run her own multimedia business from 1997 to 2003, Diane has years of experience in advising a wide range of clients on issues relating to their information design requirements. Having been contracted by Australian Humanities Review from 1997-2002, Diane is also skilled at meeting the tight deadlines associated with publishing a periodical, while liaising with writers across the globe, researching appropriate hotlinks for the diverse range of topics explored by the journal's contributors, and often having to make last minute changes.

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Professional experience

  • 2004-2011
    • A variety of roles from Manager of Policy in Children and Youth Services, to Senior Policy Officer responsible for Safety and Quality (Tas Hospitals and Ambulance Services), Department of Health and Human Services, Tasmania. This role has included the management of significant projects for the Hospitals and Ambulance Service in the area of Safety and Quality, including the Tasmanian Audit of Surgical Mortality.
  • 2002-2003
    • Organiser, Australian Nursing Federation, Hobart, Tasmania. This role included the management of a diverse range of volunteers under the broad umbrella of proactive Industrial Relations as defined by the ACTU.
  • 1997-2002
    • Managing a business, overthere, which I formed in 1997 in order to undertake various projects which have included Information Design, Content Editing, Website Design, Development and Maintenance, Freelance Writing, and Editing. One of my main clients has been the University of Tasmania. Dr Cassandra Pybus, Australia Research Council Senior Research Fellow, and one of Australia's most well known historians, is a referee for the work undertaken by overthere for the University: Email Dr Cassandra Pybus
    • Contracted to undertake Information Design projects, full-time web-management and web design, and assistant editing for Australia's premier, scholarly, ejournal Australian Humanities Review. This Australia Council funded ejournal is archived by the National Library of Australia. Dr Elizabeth McMahon, University of Sydney, as Editor of Australian Humanities Review, is a referee for this work. Email Dr Elizabeth McMahon
      View Australian Humanities Review

  • 2000-2002
    • Information Design, Content Editing, Website Design, Graphic Design, and Maintenance of a website produced for an international consortium of academics and other researchers: "Colonialism and Its Aftermath". The development of this site included establishing links between the University of Tasmania and Industry. Dr Cassandra Pybus, Australia Research Council Senior Research Fellow, and one of Australia's most well known historians, is a referee for this project: Email Dr Cassandra Pybus
      View the "Colonialism and Its Aftermath" website

  • 2001
    • Information Design, Content Editing, Website Design, Graphic Design, and Maintenance of a website for an offshoot of "Divergence", an eclectic group of new media web authors and poets. "Ergence", hosted by overthere, is an exercise is collaboration.
      View Ergence.
  • 1999-2002
    • Information Design, Content Editing, Website Design, Graphic Design, and Maintenance of a website produced for an international research cluster of academics and students: The International Centre for Convict Studies. Dr Cassandra Pybus, Australia Research Council Senior Research Fellow, and one of Australia's most well known historians, is a referee for this project: Email Dr Cassandra Pybus
      View The International Centre for Convict Studies' Website
  • 1997 - 2000
    • Archiving Imagination is an online exploration of the process of collaboration between web authors: Diane Caney and Robin Petterd. The project was awarded an Australia Council Grant from the New Media Fund and includes both 'original' works by Petterd and Caney and samples taken from other spaces (both on and off-line). Archiving Imagination is a website exploring:
      • the nature of collaboration,
      • the enmeshment of text and image (rather than the illustration of writing with pictures, or vice versa),
      • ideas surrounding the notion of intertextuality
      • & the interdisciplinary character of the Internet.

      The site incorporates both visual and verbal language, and investigates the vast array of possibilities enabled by the technology available to both artists and writers working on the Web.

  • 1998
    • Web manager and designer of the Department of English and European Languages and Literatures website at the University of Tasmania.
    • Web manager and co-designer of the Stormy Seas website:
  • 1992 -2002
    • Tutoring First, Second and Third Year Students at the University of Tasmania in the School of English and European Languages and Literatures
    • 1997 Designing, writing, and delivering a thirteen week pre-tertiary "Introduction to English at University" Course for Riawunna, Hobart, the University of Tasmania's Centre for Aboriginal Education. It was especially important that this course be sensitive to the issues surrounding colonisation and the imposition of "English" as a foreign language to Aboriginal People.
    • 1996 Contracted by Education and Training Resources to write a Master Degree Module for Aviation Management at the University of Western Sydney.
    • 1992 - 2002 I have undertaken contracts for The Tasmanian Government's Education Department, developing nine Book and Film Study Guides for Adult Education Reading Discussion Groups. The guides I have produced include detailed analyses, study suggestions, and questions and designed to facilitate discussions on works by: Tim Winton, Margaret Atwood, Jill Neville, Gwen Harwood; and films such as, Neil Jordan's The Crying Game and Jane Campion's The Piano. These guides were published in print by the Department of Education, Tasmania.
    • 1992 - 2002 Freelance writing in this period has included writing articles and transcribing interviews for Turtle Press, publishers of 40 Degrees South, Austasia and Fishing Today (which is produced by Turtle Press in conjunction with the Tasmanian Government's Department of Primary Industry).
  • 1983 - 1991
    • Over this period I worked as a Registered Nurse, practising in all areas of clinical practice, including Operating Theatre, Accident and Emergency and Intensive Care, both in Hobart and in Melbourne at a variety of hospitals, both government and non-government. I held various positions, including the management of a busy medical ward in Hobart.
    • 1991 While I completed First Class Honours in English, I also worked three evenings per week as a Registered Nurse in the Relief Pool at the Royal Hobart Hospital. I was often sent to ICU and Accident and Emergency during this period.
    • 1990 I registered in Victoria as an RN while I completed my Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne. I worked for the Malvern Nursing Agency, working at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and various other institutions in a relief capacity.
    • 1988-89 Worked full-time in both the operating theatre and on a busy medical ward at the Repatriation Hospital in Hobart. During this time I was actively involved with the ANF in instituting a career structure at the hospital. I spent time acting as the Nurse Manager of a busy medical ward.
    • 1984-85 Employed by Calvary Hospital in Hobart as a full-time Registered Nurse on both a busy surgical ward, and in the Operating Suite. At the time, theatre nurses were on call for all emergency after hours Caesarean Sections, and I often assisted with these procedures.
    • 1981-83 Successfully completed my training as a Registered Nurse, working full-time at the Royal Hobart Hospital, receiving the Vaucluse Ladies' Auxiliary Award for the Highest Mark in Anatomy and Physiology.
  • 1977 - 1980
    • Worked as a Clerk Class 4 with the Commonwealth Department of Finance, managing the Departments accounts and supervising salary distribution for all Commonwealth Employees in Hobart; and as a Clerk Class 2/3 and Clerk Class 1 in the Commonwealth Department of Social Security. As a Clerk 2/3 I was responsible for writing letters to clients whenever a situation was not fulfilled by a "standard" Social Security pre-printed letter. I was also required to undertake substantial liaison with clients in order to solve problems that could not be resolved by Counter Staff.

Academic Record

  • 2003-04 Masters in Industrial Relations, Charles Sturt University
  • 1997 Admitted to the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy by the University of Tasmania.
  • 1992-96 Researching and writing doctoral thesis on the Inter-relationships between Text and Image, focussing on the art, fiction and material culture of Patrick White and Sidney Nolan, as they relate to the virtual world inhabited by readers, and today's global reality.
  • 1991 First Class Honours in English, University of Tasmania Research Essay: "Janet Frame and The Tempest".
  • 1990 Bachelor of Arts, University of Melbourne.
  • 1981-83 Successfully completed training as a Registered Nurse at the Royal Hobart Hospital.
  • 1999 New Media Australia Council Grant, "Archiving Imagination"
  • 1997 Postdoctoral Publication Scholarship
  • 1992-95 Postgraduate Scholarship
  • to research, write and produce a PhD thesis in print
  • 1991 James McAuley Memorial Prize for the Highest Result in First Class Honours in English
  • 1987 James McAuley Memorial Prize for the Highest Result in English 2
  • 1987 Sir Philip Fysh Prize for the Highest Result in English 2
  • 1986 Alfred Houston Prize for the Highest Result in Philosophy 1
  • 1983 Vaucluse Ladies' Auxiliary Award for the Highest Mark in Anatomy and Physiology.


  • 1998 ON/OFF + ACROSS conference November 7, 1998, hosted by the 'Cutting Edge', a multidisciplinary Women's Research Group at the School of Communication, Design and Media at the University of Westminster, London, UK.
  • 1995 Festival of Australasian Students' Theatre Latrobe University, Melbourne where Caney performed in Tobsha Learner's "The Gun in History" directed by Rachel Dudgeon, and participated in Lily Bragge's four-day workshop 'Comedy Writing for Performance', writing and performing two monologues. Caney also took part in Lily Bragge's script-writing work-shop.
  • 1992 The Association of NZ Literature Conference: Janet Frame, Knox College, Dunedin Paper entitled: "Janet Frame and The Tempest". Published in the Journal of New Zealand Literature.



  • Working on several as yet unpublished novels including two satires aimed at helping teenagers to become more politically motivated about things that affect their lives; and a complex fantasy novel of the Narnian variety, aimed at helping to heal the souls of those who've suffered trauma and abuse as children. During this phase, Diane attended a John Marsden weekend at his home in the Macedon Ranges and was encouraged by a senior Penguin Editor to continue with her writing. She has also written a long cycle of poems which she is completing while being the poet in residence at CHADO.


  • "At the Exhibition", a series of Diane Caney's poems in memory of Patrick White and Sidney Nolan, is being published in The Second Anthology of World Congress Poets for Poetry Research and Recitation (WCPPRR), and will be launched at the World Congress of Poets in 2003, in Denver, Colorado, USA.


  • Working on a series of futuristic, children's fantasy novels set in the Eighty First Century. In 2002 I am applying for an Australian Society of Authors' Mentorship in order to continue the progress towards publication by working alongside an established Children's author.
  • "The Namesake" : was included in an anthology of short stories based on the Brian Dunlop painting The Sea in the Land.






  • "//Content//", "Oblivion" and "Postcard". Exhibition Newsletter No 29 which accompanied Jonathan Barnard's exhibition Green, Feb. 15 - March 5, 1996, at the Dick Bett Gallery, Salamanca Place, Hobart, Tasmania. 


  • "Janet Frame and The Tempest". Journal of New Zealand Literature, Volume 11.  (Reworked and presented on this site.)  


Dr Cassandra Pybus
Senior Australia Research

Council Fellow,
Historian, & Writer

Dr Elizabeth McMahon

University of NSW
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