over there is Diane Caney's creative and academic identity.  an alter ego

Diane used to work in Information Design, Content Editing,Website Design, Development and Management, Editing, and Writing. She now has a day job managing a team of policy writers in the field of children and youth services. See her Curriculum Vitae.

Diane's primary individual creative works consist of differing forms of hypertext. Some are simply texts published online (rather than in printed form); and others are explorations in new media (combining animation, images and written text). All Diane's creative works traverse the boundaries of poetry, theory and story-telling. This site also acts as an e-studio where many of Caney's works are in progess.

Diane Caney was born 43 degrees south of the equator. After completing her doctorate in 1997, producing two volumes on Patrick White and Sidney Nolan with over 100,000 words and more than 200 colour images, she became intrigued by html as alternative medium to print. Her thesis explores intertextuality, and particularly reading intertextually across textual media. A copy is available in the MONA library

Caney began collaborating with Robin Petterd, an artist working
in the arena of digital media. Several of their works
have gained i n t e r national
acc l a i m.

In 1999
they were awarded
a joint Australia Council Grant from
the New Media Fund to produce a website focussing
on the process of collaboration between a visual artist and an author.
The result was archiving imagination which can be found at: archiving.com.au

Apart from her life as a writer and assembler of texts, Diane has two small children: Elsie (b. 1991) & Fischer (b. 1993). Elsie is currently exploring London while Fischer is about to embark on his hospitality phase of life in Hobart. Her husband is a sculptor, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, who currently manages projects on lighthouses and other navigational aids around the coast of Tasmania, Australia and New Guinea, with occasional journeys to Cambodia. They live in a lovely old church where Diane writes poetry and novels, and Sid makes art.

An assemblage of Caney's creative writing projects can be seen on this web site:
o v e r  t h e r e and see this link to see why it's called 'Over There'.

Diane is currently the resident poet at CHADO - the way of tea as part of Australian Poetry's Cafe Poet Program.
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