inside/outside intertextuality
 Sidney Nolan, Kelly
[imagined detail], 1955,
ripolin enamel on hardboard

Copyright information for the images included upon this site can be found on the pages detailing the list of images. The text is the copyright property of Diane Caney.

Insisting upon copyright ownership, however, is not always as straightforward as it might seem. I have created an image entitled "Remembered detail" of a Sidney Nolan Kelly helmet because to reproduce the original image here entails procuring copyright permission, paying for those rights and undertaking to do all this can be a rather time-consuming process.

It is not only for these reasons, though, that I have undertaken to create an image to signify the "remembering of detail". I would argue that all texts occupy this imaginary, embellished, intertextually embroidered status in readerly space. Obviously there are differing degrees of intertextual "digital reworking" of (inter)textual readings, but no text enters readerly communitites, whether individual or corporate, without immediately having their significations transmute ... in a continuous process of reading activity.