intertexts ...

All intertextual reading is a process of moving through windows and doors rather like the ways in which electronically generatedhotlinks usher readers from one space to the next ...
As works transmute into something new, play isestablished, and contexts shift and change, to varying degrees. Readers arriveon the landing, at the passage leading to the cells of the released prisoners ...
The doors they try ... open onto rooms which may have been unoccupied for years,except by their wire stretchers,int ... inter ... texts and chests, and the corpses of moths;
till inthe last, the most imposing cell, intended for some more important orsemi-responsible inmate, they might find signs of life ...
a few visiblepossessions such as ground-down, yellow-bristled hair-brushes, a hare's footstained brown, the framed snapshot of two figures enlaced againstan empty bandstand, in front of an expanse of white sea ...
Theintertextualities and inter-images form and re-form ...
Arriving at an
interpretation is
not the aim which is
likea telescope,  
orbinoculars, or  
that will shatter  
everything into a kaleidoscope of(inter)textual
fragments ...
images ...

When we read art the exploration iseverything ... it is the spaces


during reading that are
my interest;and
the desire to create
and methodologies in which
readingintertextually might be
both described and experienced ...


Diane Caney, 1998
© all rights reserved