To write is to note down the music of the world, the music of the body, the music of time. ... There are sentencesthat need to have the density and the brevity of a pebble ... It varies. And it's related to the signified. hélène cixous, rootprints, 46.

And it's related to the vast array of signifieds which will inevitably enmesh with the untold myriad virtual-readerly signifiers brought to every encounter with daily life.

Cixous plays with language(s), with words, with her attempts to convey what she sees beneath the earthlevel, excavating on all fours (rootprints, 45).

In her self-referential oeuvre, punning abounds. I learn a new language as I read. I also invent my own. The words leap, embrace and play in an ocean of which they are not afraid and in which they are confident about their permission to break the rules ...