inside/outside intertextuality

"Inside/outside intertextuality" was authored as a web site which is designed to accompany and interact with its hard-copy sibling. Extracting the hard copy essay from this version was not easy as this site both visits and departs from what is possible within the constraints of paper and print.
  To follow a more linear path through this essay, begin with "Splinter" and follow the forward arrows that are found at its completion and also at the end of each of the 4 main pieces of prose which are as follows:

There are various fragments scattered throughout the web site. These do not follow any particular order, but can be traced by using their forward arrows, although there are some other small pieces hidden throughout this essay/web-site. The main fragments are as follows:fragments
 text ...
"Inside/outside intertextuality" is a collection
of poetice and prose assemblages, then, all of which relate
to text, new technologies,
identity and language. Both text
and language are considered in their broadest contexts.
Identity is seen as splintered enmeshments ...
There are no strict conclusions as this text
is seen as always already another intertext
with the vast world with which it is entangling as it is being read:
the multi-faceted virtual reality
of its reader(s).