over there is Diane Caney's creative, professional and academic identity.  She is the web-manager and assistant editor of the electronic journal Australian Humanities Review. Her primary individual creative works are varieties of writing that traverse the boundaries of poetry, theory and story-telling. This site also acts as
an e-studio
where many of Caney's works, such
as Splint/ering are in process.


Diane Caney was born in Tasmania, a small island in the Southern Hemisphere,
43 degrees south of the equator. After completing her doctorate in 1997 she became intrigued by html
as a textual medium. Her thesis had explored intertextuality,
and particularly reading intertextually across textual media.

Caney began collaborating with Robin Petterd, an artist working
in the arena of digital media. Several of their works
have gained some
acc l a i m.

Outside her life as a writer and assembler of texts,
if there is such a place,

Caney has 2 small children: Elsi
e (b. 1991)
& F
ischer (b. 1993). Her husband is a sculptor
who currently repairs lighthouses around the coast
of Tasmania while he waits for Caney to create
a space
in which for him to follow on with artistic pursuits

after having completed his Degree in Fine Arts ...

An assemblage of Caney's writing projects can be seen on her web site: o v e r  t h e r e
or you may like to return to
Splint/ering ...